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German-French DNA Repair Meeting, 21-23.Sept. 2017 in Cologne (http://dna-repair-2017.dgdr.de/).

The deadline for the registration and abstract submission is 31st May 2017, late registration till 30th June 2017 with higher registration costs.

We are looking forward to see you in September in Cologne.

German-French DNA Repair Meeting 21-23. Sept. 2017 in Cologne



September 24th-28th 2017—University of Udine, Italy

This is the sixth of a series of meetings between scientists from the United States
and Europe who are interested in endogenous DNA damage and its repair. Notably,
endogenous as well as exposure-induced DNA damage has been implicated as
a contributing factor to human disease including cancer, neuro-degeneration and
the pathological changes associated with aging. This meeting will explore the latest
developments and cutting edge technologies in this research area with an emphasis
on understanding the etiology of human disease and the development of personalized
approaches to cancer therapy as well as treatment strategies to delay and/or reduce
genome damage associated with aging. The program and venue will maximize
dissemination of new results and ideas, enhance existing interactions and foster new
collaborations among scientists from the United States and Europe.

6th US-EU DNA Repair Meeting 2017

19th International AEK Cancer Congress

1.-3. Mach 2017
EMBL, Heidelberg


The meeting is a joint event of AEK and the DFG Research Unit 2314 “Targeting therapeutic windows in essential cellular processes for tumor therapy“.

Chair: Prof. Dr. Simone Fulda (Frankfurt/Main)
Co-Chair: Prof. Dr. Simone Fulda (Frankfurt/Main)
Prof. Dr. Lisa Wiesmüller (Ulm)
Prof. Dr. Martin Eilers (Würzburg)
Prof. Dr. Lars Zender (Tübingen)

Congress Venue
EMBL Advanced Training Centre
Meyerhofstraße 1, 69117 Heidelberg

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10th Quinquennial Conference on

Responses to DNA damage: from molecule to disease

Egmond aan Zee, The Netherlands, April  17 – 22, 2016

nl Organizing Committee: nl
Leon Mullenders (chairman)
Jessica Downs, Sussex
Robert Fuchs, Marseille
Pierre-Henri Gaillard, Marseille
Jan Hoeijmakers, Rotterdam
Roland Kanaar, Rotterdam
Niels Mailand, Copenhagen
Titia Sixma, Amsterdam
Marcel Tijsterman, Leiden
Helle Ulrich, Mainz
Haico van Attikum, Leiden
Wim Vermeulen, Rotterdam
Meeting Secretariat: Ingrid Braxhoven & Madeleine Nivard, Leiden

Keynote speakers:
Jan Hoeijmakers
Maria Jasin
Josef Jiricny
and Nobel Laureate Tomas Lindahl

The Conference on “Responses to DNA damage: from Molecule to Disease”, scheduled for April 17-22, 2016 in Egmond aan Zee, The Netherlands is the next of the 5-yearly meetings on DNA repair organized on the initiative of the laboratories in Leiden, Rotterdam and Sussex.

The deadline for poster abstract is January 31, 2016 !!

See: http://www.medgencentre.nl/DNA Repair 2016/Default.htm